Instructions for speakers

Each speaker is requested to submit a copy of the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format and is also invited to contribute an accompanying paper, in either Microsoft Word for Windows format, or in PDF format.

It is also necessary to supply a short summary (8-10 lines) of each speaker, for the Chairman’s introduction.

Contributed presentations and papers will be stored on a CD-ROM to be distributed to each workshop attendee at registration and will also be published on the EMTEL Web site.

Any document (workshop summaries, etc) produced during the workshop will be distributed via the web site, accessible by means of wired and wireless (802.11b) LANs in the workshop meeting room.

The author of each submission to the EMTEL workshop shall accept that ETSI makes the submission publicly available on CD-ROM and on the EMTEL web site. The submission of the presentation/paper should have a cover statement that the speaker agrees with this arrangement.

Please prepare your presentation taking into account the following details:

- Time for each presentation: 15 - 20 minutes

- On the first page/slide the following information should be clearly stated:

- Presentation title / theme of the paper:

- Name of the author(s)/co-author(s)

- Affiliation (including e-mail address)

- Emergency Telecommunications Workshop
26th -27th February 2002, ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France

At least one slide must address the author/speaker's view on what is the need for standardization in the subject area he/she addresses.

- All presentations and papers shall be submitted in English.

- All presentations will be stored on a PC in the workshop amphitheatre (with Internet access) and projected on a large wall screen.
The speaker can either advance the slides him/herself or ask the EMTEL Assistant to perform this task.

- If you need any other audio or visual equipment please contact with your request.

! Please note that time is critical !
Each speaker is allocated 20 minutes to present his or her slides. [See above]

If you have additional questions don't hesitate to ask us