All main links to presentations are in .html format. PowerPoint versions are also available.

Session 1 – Emergency management (Presentations - Session 1, zipped)

Chairman: Prof. Jean-Luc Wybo, Ecole des Mines de Paris

UK Disasters and their effect on Emergency Service Communications
(also available in PowerPoint)

Ronald Hewlett
UK Home Office

The need for joint communication in the field
(Presentation ITO and Presentation KoKom)
(PowerPoint: Presentation ITO and Presentation KoKom)
Hanno Steenbergen 
ITO, The Netherlands
Dr. Egil Bovim
Kokom, Norway

Observations on uses of telecommunication in emergency management
(also available in PowerPoint)
Harriet Lonka, 
Gaia, Finland

Key Learnings and Recommendations of the Wireless Emergency Response Team (WERT)
(also available in PowerPoint)
Karl Rauscher

Lucent Technologies, USA

European Generic Emergency Response Information System (EGERIS)
(also available in PowerPoint)
Cécile Herbault
EADS Telecom, France

Session 2 – Public sector requirements  (Presentations - Session 2, zipped)

Chairman: Ray Ginman, chairman, Tetra MoU

Terrorism - The New Dimension
(also available in PowerPoint)
Keith Phillips
Her Majesty's Inspector of Fire Services, UK

Regulatory issues for emergency communications in Europe
(also available in PowerPoint)
Leo Koolen
European Commission

Radiocommunication requirements for Public Protection and Disaster Relief situations
(also available in PowerPoint)
Christian Ollivry
Motorola SA, France

Emergency Interfacing: military and civil communications in crisis response scenarios
(also available in PowerPoint)
Dr. Michael Street
NATO, Netherlands

Session 3 - Implementation issues  (Presentations - Session 3, zipped)

Chairman: Jim Price, Telewest Communications, UK

IAA: victims information registration and retrieval system - Its design, implementation, operation and the next step
Dr. Hiroyuki Ohno, Japan

Mobile phone SOS mode of operation
(also available in PowerPoint)
Taskin Sakarya
Mobilotech, Germany

Citizen alert via cell broadcast
(also available in PowerPoint)
Gerrit Nieuwenhuis
CMG Wireless Data solutions, Netherlands

Raising the emergency preparedness of communication infrastructure by organizational and technological developments - Case study Finland
(also available in PowerPoint)
Juha Tammela
Nokia Corporation, Finland

Ericsson Response - GSM in Emergency Relief
(also available in PowerPoint)

Dag Nielsen
Ericsson Response, Sweden

Session 4 – Standardization activities  (Presentations - Session 4, zipped)

Chairman:  François Courau, Alcatel SA, France

ETSI Project TIPHON - Emergency Telecommunication Service Standards Initiatives
(also available in PowerPoint)
Hal Folts

(also available in PowerPoint)

Brian Oliver

ETSI TC SPAN - Public and private network complementarity in emergency telecommunications
(also available in PowerPoint)

Walter Legrand
EADS Telecom, France

Emergency telecommunication services in third generation systems
(also available in PowerPoint)

Michael Clayton

TC SES - Inmarsat GMDSS satellite system - Enhancing maritime safety
(also available in PowerPoint)

Dimitrios Papaharalabos
Inmarsat, UK

Parlay Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS) Working Group
(also available in PowerPoint)

John-Luc Bakker
Telcordia Technologies, USA

CommitteeT1 standards activity on Emergency Services and Security
(also available in PowerPoint)
Wayne Zeuch
Committee T1, USA

Emergency Communications and IMT-2000
(also available in PowerPoint)
Fabio Leite
ITU / IMT-2000

Session 5 – Scenarios for the future  (Presentations - Session 5, zipped)

Chairman: Hal Folts, NCS, USA

Future needs on Emergency Medical Services
(also available in PowerPoint)
Graham Curry
Lancashire Ambulance Service, UK

Interactive information and communication system for emergency applications on the example of fires brigades
(also available in PowerPoint)
Marc Lemmel
BIBA, Germany

Mobile Broadband Beyond 3G for Professionals
ETSI Partnership project MESA

(also available in PowerPoint)
Alan Dearlove
Radtel Services, France

Scenario on future processing of emergency telecommunications over the Internet
(also available in PowerPoint)
Ken Carlberg
University College, London

Scenarios for the future
(also available in PowerPoint)
Colonel Chapuis
French Gendarmerie